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Limited Company

Trading through a Limited company is one of the most common routes to trade.

It is separate legally from yourself as an individual so gives you more peace of mind compared to trading as a sole trader/ self-employed.

As a sole trader all debts are yours personally but as a Limited company all debts incurred through the course of business belong to your Limited company.


Profits your company makes after tax is available for the shareholders to take out as dividends.

These dividends are then subject to personal tax It is common for Directors to have a small salary and take the rest of their income out as dividends.

Record keeping

At Gloucester Cloud Accountants we can produce annual accounts for Limited companies from manual records such as bank statements to online platforms, such as xero and QuickBooks.

We want to help your business become more efficient and productive resulting in you saving money or helping you earn more.

Low monthly fees

Our Limited company packages start from £60 a month to fulfil your legal obligations as well as continued help and support.

Legal compliance

Gloucester Cloud Accountants have an approachable team that can provide a service to meet your legal obligations to complete year end Limited accounts and corporation tax return from £60 a month.

This ensures everything is kept up to date with companies house and HMRC.


Legally you filing deadlines are 9 months after the year end.

If for example you had a Limited company year end of 31 March then the filing deadline would be the 31 December.

Start ups

Are you thinking about starting up a new company? Have you recently started up a new company?

It is important that that you have the right accountant on board to get your business going from the start.

It can be very daunting running your own business especially if you have been a salaried employee before.

There are lots of things to take on board such as advertising, supervising employees, general admin as well as accounting.

We can help you start up businesses in ensuring you have the right advice and support to get going confidently and with peace of mind.

Added Value Service

Are you looking for more than compliance? Would you like to know your profit on a monthly or quarterly basis along with continued to support to help your business grow?

If so, we can offer a more comprehensive package that can include the following:

  • Monthly management accounts to see how you are doing because up to date information matters for decision making.
  • Profit checker and performance review. Are you making a profit? if not why?
  • VAT returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Director self-assessment
  • Monthly payroll
  • Tax reviews for your business and yourself personally so we can save as much tax as possible.
Limited company

Established Limited companies

You have started your own business and it is ticking along nicely.

You have regular sales and may be earning more now than when you were employed or possibly less.

You are likely to have less time now since you need to deal with managing your company as well carrying out your normal day to day job so a lot to take on board.


Gloucester Cloud accountants can help free up more of your time, reduce your stress by taking care of your finances so you don’t have to.

If you have an existing accountant switching is easy. We take care of the process so you don’t have to.

Gloucester Cloud Accountants have provided a top-class service and support to my company for many years. A friendly and professional firm whose customer service is second to none. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

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Commonly asked questions

Should I go Limited?

This will very much depend on your personal circumstances and importantly the level of profits that you have.

Do I have legal protection?

A Limited company is a legal entity in its own right separate from yourself as an individual. This gives you separate legal protection in that company debts are debts owed by your company and not you personally. As a sole trader all business debts are yours personally.

Is it more complicated?

There is more work and admin involved but appointing an accountant will ensure the majority of this is taken care of so you can concentrate on running your own business.

Do I need to run payroll?

We would suggest yes if you have no other sources of payroll to ensure you use up your tax free personal allowance.

How do I start?

Contact us today and we can set up your company for you.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation consultation